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Channel 4 is a British public-service free-to-air television network with Headquarters in London, a National HQ in Leeds and creative hubs in Glasgow and Bristol. The channel was established to provide a fourth television service to the United Kingdom in addition to the licence-funded BBC One and BBC Two, and the single commercial broadcasting network ITV.

A former employee said this in a review: "I don't enjoyed working at channel 4, it wasn't a freindly environment and it didn't allowed me to meet new people and build links within the media industry".


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Lead Video Editor (Former Employee) says

"This place was the worst place I ever worked at. Besides the pay and a handful of co-works, this place was terrible. Cons: Toxic environment, incompetent management, high turn over, high amount of unreasonable and irrational firing, management provides infinite mental agony and frustration, management will try to avoid any kind of face-to-face interaction."

Video producer (Former Employee) says

"Turn over rate was extremely high and you were not allowed to have a phone at your desk or take any calls. Very overloaded with work and extreme high pressure."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: The staff are very unprofessional and like talking about colleagues behind their back. It gets so stressful having these kind of people around you, and with a tone of workload on your plate every single day. Having so much stress everyday reaches a point where it's already toxic for your health and your entire life."

Former Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: This company had too many growing pains, and the worst impact of it was on employees. They have to deal with a lot of snags and hiccups every working day. The employees also need to do more work than their job role strictly needs."

Former Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: It's a workplace where difficulties come up daily, and you have to work on projects that you never even heard of before. The projects can be quite difficult, and if you don't keep up, you can be removed from the team. The management isn't there to help in most cases."

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I worked at full-time Cons: The managers are terrible bigoted people. I doubt anyone would want to work here if the salary and benefits aren't nice. Employees try their best to endure the horrible attitude of the managers. The work atmosphere is awful, and no one can do anything about it."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at full-time Cons: This company is headed by managers who don't care about the employees. All the managers care about are their small circle of work friends that includes most managers and only a few employees. The bias here is undeniable. You most likely won't get any opportunity for promotion or raise if you aren't a part of that circle. Avoid this company."


"I worked at Cons: ISpot is making the people they let go write positive glass door reviews in exchange for severance, hence the influx of reviews. I can’t imagine getting let go and then being forced to also sacrifice your dignity to keep food on the table until you find your next job."

Former Employee - Enterprise Account Executive says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: Funky culture. Clique-oriented leadership team. If you're not in the small circle (and you won't be), forget having influence. Mgmt won't listen to new ideas. Leadership team isn't accountable. Big time bro-culture, sexism and poor treatment of women is normal. Should be a lay up sale but it's not. Most sales people didn't come close to making a single sale let alone their annual number. Over-hired sales team, gave them watered down lists with little chance to close, then big lay offs when they couldn't get it done. High base salary on they way in not met with commissions while employed, or fair severance on the way out (unless you write a fake review, which they will ask you to do in order to receive your exit package)."


"I have been working at Cons: - 20 layers of management - Inefficient in every way - Obscene spending followed by layoffs and a hiring freeze - Heavy drinking is normal and encouraged - Sexism is the culture - Being a bro is the only way to get ahead - Executive team plays favorites and allows managers to harass their employees as long as they play their games - No consequences for poor work because there are no goals or benchmarks - Many managers have less experience managing than their employees - Sexual harassment and theft are not punished - HR is managed by finance and constantly undermined by executives - Very resistant to change and unable to recognize their own deficiencies - Zero review process so there’s no way to give honest feedback without fear of retaliation - Expertise is unappreciated and disregarded - Horrible communication across teams and from the top down with no effort to improve - CEO hired his friends and allows them to incompetently manage teams until they fall apart - Management has no understanding of morale and fails to keep employees motivated - Less than 10 people in the company understand the product and there is no training - Sales sells products that don’t exist so they can make a sale and management does nothing - Reimbursement for expenses can take over a month - Errors are fixed with more man hours rather than fixing the technology - No unified system for knowledge sharing. Things live on 4 cloud services and none of them are updated regularly"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at full-time Cons: There are severe problems at iSpot, such as casual sexism and an us vs them mentality created by the Senior Leadership team. There have been multiple woman who have had negative, inappropriate experiences with higher-ranking male employees. These experiences were widely known throughout the company, yet no action was taken by HR or the leadership team. When the leadership team was questioned about sexism, the tone of the conversation changed to defensive and aggressive and the conversation was quickly shut down. It’s reassuring to see iSpot is hiring women VPs and starting a professional group for women, because the previous senior-most women were notorious for getting their promotions for threatening to quit and routinely threw other women under the bus in order to look more favorable in front of the, at the time, all male senior leadership. Communication is severely lacking. One girl that used to work there would always say she had to talk in timestamps since things changed so frequently and since the majority of the information was passed through a game of telephone, no one knew what the true story was. This is especially frustrating since things are constantly changing and no one is held accountable. This also led to more senior team members sacrificing more junior team members in front of the Leadership team. In the last 9 months, we’ve had two separate employee surveys but the feedback is not taken to heart. The CEO pulls out the points that that are already hitting (stocked kitchen, updating the office) but the true issues like gender, diversity and pay inequality are brushed under the rug and never addressed. Managers have either outlasted everyone else in their department and got promoted due to longevity, despite not actually being skilled at people management or the tasks they are to manage, or have expressed desire to quit and therefore got promoted. An outside management training program is much needed here. If you are looking for someone to help you grow your role, skill set, or stake in the company, you won’t find that at iSpot. No one will advocate for you and managerial input, oversight, or encouragement is non-existent. Since no one knows how to be a true manager there, you will need to forget the experience that got you hired and adapt to whatever selling, account management, engineering style the lead on that team prefers. There is no room for criticism or areas to suggest process improvements. Say goodbye to work/life balance. You will be expected to be on at all times. Whether that is 6am or 11pm. The perk of having an inflated salary, shower on premise, BBQ occasionally for lunch in the summer, booze on premise, and bagels didn't overcome the raging sexism, lack if career opportunities......unless your MO is to the CEO and threatening to quit to get a title bump. If you don't care about company culture or the well-being or treatment of those around you and you have an aged out frat-boy vibe, apply now! You’ll do great! If you have integrity and are mildly skilled, skip iSpot. There are hundreds of other tech companies in the Seattle area that offer better work/life balance, culture, growth potential and in some cases, pay."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: Management is a joke. Everyone gossips, trying to get you in trouble. Worked so hard, only to be let go when a family member is on life support and you have to leave to be with him. He passed away, and I thought I may get a card or something, instead, I was fired the day after Christmas, for being absent, to be with my dying father. It has been years, and I am still incredibly hurt, by how I was treated by my "boss" and the rest of my "team"."

Gerard powney says

"Ripped off the same as everyone else,they need finding and justice served"

Karim Sayani says

"Absolutely ridiculous. They claim to be the best but they are nothing but trash. They take your money and don't give what they are supposed to.I just trashed my money on them."


"Absolutely crab I have paid for lifetime but not working now Had to subscribe to another iptv a service"

Sam says

"Don't buy from this people is scam, save your money, I've paid for life iptv as well no money back nothing."

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